I’ve been on this high horse before but nothing’s going to stop me from charging once again. Every April 20/20 rears its head with a sport eyewear issue, and I’m ALWAYS game cheering that if you sit this category out you are… a loser.

When it comes to delivering the best possible sport eyewear YOU are the pro. And no eyewear delivers powerful teamwork like sport eyewear: style, technology, high-tech materials, STYLE, color (if you want it!), kit (in the useful guise of great cases, switchable lenses, lanyards, headbands, etc.), powerful brand merchandising, professional marketing and the built-in awareness factor of a variety of professional athletes doing their gig with sport specific eyewear that matches their pro talents.

What more could you possibly ask for? In fact, these days most of the best sport eyewear brands deal in the dual arenas of terrific Rx programs AND ophthalmic frames ever-tempting to those consumers looking to teammate their sport eyewear with Rx frames for their everyday gigs in AND out of the sun. (One of the coolest men’s frame collections I’ve seen in this past year comes from Spy, best known previously for their cutting edge sport eyewear.)

But don’t just take my word for it. At the recent Vision Expo East my most energized “Expo”sures came from opti-sportsters.

No name-dropping here but how about the tag team matchup of two dedicated company communicators from Oakley (heck… it was Dawne Hanks and Dara Reiter) assaulting the whole 20/20 edit crew with astonishing details on women in sport, upcoming Olympic participation AND a switchable lens system based on exotic-car door tech.

Or the unassuming and unnamed brotherhood from Wiley X (Shhh… don’t say I mentioned my gearhead-buddies Miles and Dan Freeman) talking in cycle terms that truly suit me about powerful partnerships with motorcycle affiliations that absolutely build the (high)way to any rider’s heart.

And then there’s Kaenon. I’ve gone fist-to-fist with Kaenon’s Steve Rosenberg for years. And that’s certainly one fisticuff I’ll gear up forEVER since this sport brand is legend as a heart’s desire for the best athletes in the biz of sports. And by the looks of this month’s G. Love 20/20 cover and feature story, Steve packs a punch so big it literally ROCKS. 

You should too. Rock, that is, with Sport Eyewear.  

—James J. Spina