Still life photographed by Ned Matura

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What could possibly be better than one frame per face? Just a few years ago, no one would have guessed two frames in one frame design but FRAME IN A FRAME has easily become one of the top frame style signatures loved by frame designers, eyewear retailers and consumers increasingly hungry for the face and eye accent eyewear gives to the wearer. It seems to be loved by all genders and all generations, and eyewear companies deliver in a range from extreme to demure. Modo takes the quiet route here but accents its statement with subtle standout colorations.

MODO 6628 from Modo

Every frame has a way of dealing with the signature of its brow statement. As with any person’s face and eyes, it is the eyebrow that adds emotion and emphasis. Deck it in jewels? Cool. Stream it in silver and gold? Go there. And as here, ramp up the whole frame’s color with another color accent, and be ready to TAKE A BROW.

OGA 10138O from Morel

For years, we’ve carefully noted that eyewear aficionados love surprises and hidden treasures. No matter how bold or soft the outside statement might be, it is often the INNER THOUGHT that counts. So, even if you can’t see it on someone’s eyewear, be aware and be there as witness to what is often a rainbow of delight.

RACHEL RACHEL ROY Bold from A&A Optical

Let’s be CRYSTAL CLEAR… nothing jazzes an eyewear material staple like crystal with the mighty go to of… TORTOISE.

RIP CURL 2024 from SD Eyes

There were those days in the venerated past when Persol stood strong and singularly focused on its signature arrow accent in its hinge/temple area, deeply defined by its intensely polished zyl style. But as Persol devotees stepped out of their comfort zone, it was only a matter of time before this legendary independent eyewear brand would come to call its METAL STATEMENT as sure fired and fitting in its arsenal of eyewear wardrobing.

PERSOL 5002-VT from Luxottica

Nothing says classic better than tortoise when it comes to eyewear. But what if you want to make that eyewear staple stand out even more? What can you do? Where can you go? We’d suggest a splash of dazzle and drama with a coloration perhaps borrowed from the near dayglow glare of sports. Hype it up with another color, and you will sure be HAVANA NICE DAY.

FRIDA from Etnia Barcelona

Does it feel like time is standing still?

It’s not.

But now is a perfect time to hone in on some style and statement standards with eyewear that stands the test of any time. These are the signatures of this object art we know as eyewear.

Trends that start elusive and grow into something beyond reliable…That place where we step back slightly, and assess the road ahead.

THIS is where we want eyewear to be… Right Now.

These are the places where eyewear leads and all other elements of product style follow.

–James J. Spina