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Silmo Paris 2013

Emmanuelle Khanh eyewear handmade in France

A mix of stainless steel and acetate from Canada-based Rapp

Silmo’s Catwalk

Attendees travel the Silmo show floor

City of Light sights

Kraa Kraa’s real wood frames

La Manufacture Du Silmo

A piece from Lafont’s archives

A display in Style On View

Jamme and Jan Somers of Somers Optiek wear neon Theo Eyewear

Anderne’s neon rounds

Silmo Paris opened its doors this year with a distinct focus on fashion and design, inviting attendees to frame their Silmo experience with stunning exhibits throughout the event space. In Style On View, showgoers weaved through displays featuring branded eyewear paired with its apparel counterparts including clothing, handbags, jewelry and other accessories. Silmo’s Catwalk presented slick mannequins en masse wearing men’s and women’s optical and sun styles. New this year, the walk-through structure La Manufacture Du Silmo gathered the best of materials, hues and design examples and displayed them artfully amid raw wooden crates, mirrors and colorful cardboard. Innovation and imagination were celebrated, inviting the inspired to explore the bursting show floor and exciting City of Light in search of the season’s most creative eyewear trends positioning optical in its rightly fashion context. Titanium styles shone through as the showpiece as international crafters converged at Silmo to parade the beauty of saturated stains, textures, zyl-combined and handcrafted metal designs. Wood  materials and neon coloring also made a sweep, as well as Paris-local delicacies like subtle pastel cateyes and vintage and vintage-inspired eyewear art drawn from the archives. Silmo delivers optical into the style wild, granting all a breath of fresh eyewear.
—Breanna Benz