Silhouette Optical’s celebrity spokesperson, Patrick Dempsey landed the Moves Magazine fall fashion issue men’s cover and celebrated both the magazine release and the debut of his four-part Velocity and Discovery channel miniseries “Patrick Dempsey: Racing Le Mans” at the rooftop hot spot of The Refinery Hotel in New York City. The iconic rimless eyewear brand was on hand to toast the star’s recent successes and show off its newest selection of Austrian-engineered eyewear offerings. The man of the hour appeared more than pleased to don a pair of Silhouette sunglasses (style Trophy) specifically for 20/20, pose for endless photos and spend one-on-one time with anyone drifting his way. Whether it’s his quiet ascent to stardom or that his sights are set on endeavors beyond acting, Dempsey’s class act suited the relaxed gathering and cemented the gracious guest of honor as a flawless fit for Silhouette.

1. Patrick Dempsey in Trophy sunglasses with Silhouette’s Kim Cole 2. Dempsey arrives at The Refinery Hotel rooftop 3. Moves Magazine 2013 fall fashion issue men’s cover

Dempsey’s success has been proven both behind the wheel and headlining cast lists. Guys know him as “The Race Car Driver,” and it’s unlikely ladies ever let the “Grey’s Anatomy” “McDreamy” epithet slip into disuse. The mammoth medi-drama has been nominated for 25 Emmy Awards and 10 Golden Globe Awards with him at the helm of its principal male characters. Shifting gears between takes, Dempsey is dominating a different set of contenders. “Patrick Dempsey: Racing Le Mans” focuses attention on his passion for the track as he competes in one of the world’s most difficult auto races. Whether he’s winning hearts in Hollywood or joining the ranks of Paul Newman and Steve McQueen in the pursuit to parlay screen time into making racing history, Silhouette takes a win.

—Breanna Benz