Silhouette expands its assortment of lightweight, rimless styles to include both full-rim (pictured here) and nylor collections. The new nylor and full-rim styles, nearly as light as Silhouette’s rimless models, maintain the high standards synonymous with rimless Silhouette frames, staying true to Silhouette’s design excellence. Made of the company’s proprietary SPX+ polymer and durable, hypoallergenic High Tech Titanium, the full-rim line features two fashion-oriented collections: Titan Impressions and Titan Dynamics, which consist of three styles each.

Photographed by Black Box Studios

“We have done everything to keep the weight of full-rim eyewear as low as possible by using our manufacturing expertise and our proprietary materials. The result is comfort, flexibility and adaptability,” says Klaus Schmied, a managing board member of Silhouette. Arnold Schmied, also a member of the managing board, adds, “To appeal to a wide range of consumers, we have decided to offer a selection of high-quality, lightweight product in different versions—rimless, nylor and full-rim.”

Silhouette’s new campaign includes the signature rimless line as well as nylor and full-rim collections. Merchandising materials focus on the light feel of all Silhouette frames with an emphasis on the fashion element.

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Silhouette’s proprietary SPX+ material delivers flexibility and durability twice the strength of acetate. It is also extremely lightweight and provides a comfortable fit. The transformation from its original granular form to an eyewear masterpiece is made possible by an injection molding technique exclusive to Silhouette.