Signature Eyewear launches the Nicole Miller Collection of eyewear, consisting of seven ophthalmic styles and four sunglasses. Inspired by the Nicole Miller Collection clothing line, the eyewear is an extension of the highest-end segment of her apparel. The Collection line distinguishes itself from the Nicole Miller New York eyewear, also distributed by Signature, with the use of more intricate details, innovative, higher quality materials and hardware and distinctive logo treatments. Frames are constructed of lightweight metal, stainless steel, metallic speckled zyl and customized metal/zyl combinations. Rich colors such as bronze, dark purple, olive, sheer gray and black are embellished with golden hardware, copper logos, metal rivets and Swarovski crystals applied in offbeat ways.

Photographed by Robert Gerhardt/Black Box Studio

PHILOSOPHY: "Because of the Internet, cable and television coverage and celebrity magazines, fashion has become more accessible," says Signature's director of licensing and marketing Lisa Funk. "As a result, consumers have more brand awareness and crave what they see on the runways. This phenomenon has created a demand. People want to see runway trends translated into accessories and eyewear."
MARKETING: Merchandising materials include countercards with runway images. Each frame comes with a bronze leather case with a moss green liner.
PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$. For additional information, contact Signature Eyewear, (800) 765-EYES; web site:

INSIGHT — A principal of America’s design elite, Nicole Miller is famous for her “little black dress”—the smart, fuss-free wardrobe option— and is also known for her vibrant colors, whimsical prints and her all- American style.