Under a worldwide licensing agreement with Michael Stars, a Los Angeles-based, lifestyle clothing brand, Signature Eyewear launches Michael Stars eyewear. Like the clothing, the eyewear targets contemporary women of all ages who love color. Included are eight ophthalmic styles, seven sunglasses and three readers offered in a wide array of materials and colors, ranging from black and brown to teal, pink and purple. Some of the styles feature a laser pattern also used in the Michael Stars Spring 2009 apparel. Shapes include variations on rectangles and ovals in the ophthalmic collection and aviator, navigator, oversized square and wrap designs in the sunglasses. Six of the sunglasses are Rxable. Readers are offered in powers of 1.00 to +2.00 in 0.25 and 0.50 diopter steps.

Photographed by Annie Gallagher/Black Box studio


“Michael Stars has been a continual pioneer in creating ‘casual couture’ since its founding in 1986. Our design direction for eyewear mirrors the company’s passion for relaxed, wearable silhouettes that complement a woman’s everyday wardrobe,” says Jill Gardner, Signature’s senior vice president of designs. “Colors are inspired by the Michael Stars palette and California beach tones—dune, aqua and reef.”


Merchandising materials include one- and three-place displays, countercards, block with image and logo block. Cases reflect the look of the signature “shine” fabric in Michael Stars clothing and are available in black sparkle and silver sparkle.

$$; $ (readers). For additional information, contact Signature Eyewear, (800) 765-EYES; web site: www.sigeye.com

Michael Stars gained recognition for creating “casual couture” based on the T-shirt. The company produces 200 styles of T-shirts available in 30 colors each season as well as dresses, a sweater collection, a new fleece collection and a line for babies called Mikey Stars. Michael Stars currently has seven retail stores.