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Signature: Cutter & Buck
A country club heritage

Signature Eyewear launches Cutter & Buck eyewear. Targeted to men and women looking for time-honored styling updated with today’s technology, design advancements and modern colors, the line consists of six ophthalmic frames and seven sunglasses. Inspired by the brand’s country club heritage, the styles incorporate greens, blues and browns in combinations that are distinctive, yet wearable. Materials consist of memory metals, high-tech metals geared toward the “big and tall” consumer and colorful plastics. Sunglasses range from performance-oriented designs with AR-coated polarized lenses to Rxable classics.

PHILOSOPHY: “Signature is excited to offer the Cutter & Buck collection, which will appeal to a broad consumer base with its classic, yet modern, styling and exceptional quality,” says Signature CEO Michael Price.
MARKETING: Made of teak-colored wood with white accents, merchandising materials incorporate bold lifestyle graphics. Included are single-frame displays, a two-place display, nineplace frame display, 12-place locking sunwear spinner, counter mirror and logo block.
PRICE POINT: $$ to $$$. For additional information, contact Signature Eyewear, (800) 765- EYES web site: www.sigeye.com

INSIGHT — Known for its upscale sportswear and outerwear, Cutter & Buck is a globally recognized brand with a strong following in the golf world—in large part becaof is spokesperson Annika Sorenstam. The brand has also developed a loyal fan base through its licensed apparel created for colleges and university throughout the U.S.