Photographed by Neil Kitson for Getty Images

I love rock ’n’ roll. And our featured rocker Alan Merrill WROTE the song “I Love Rock ’n’ Roll” although it is often wrongly credited to someone else. Alan has always been ahead of the curve in music and, obviously, in eyewear as well. This oval-shaped shade with a distinct side shielding detail delivers a steampunkish message very solidly delivered in this month’s “Get Some Sun” feature. We call this sort of frame a “game changer,” and that’s what Merrill consistently plays in the whole rock scenario. Alan is a musician and songwriter freshly pivoting perspective on popular music, always delivering the NEXT step when it comes to directional trending. Sometimes these brave and bold steps nearly go unnoticed at the start of a scene… and seen. 20/20 is here to right (and write) that. Kudos Alan.   
—James J. Spina

This March 20/20 was the first newly sized and formatted 20/20 to debut at Expo East. The magazine world is finally catching up to squarish dimensions, more common to European publications. The newly redesigned Harper’s Bazaar is an exact matchup to 20/20 in print size. Note the headline of “Retro Modern.” The more things change the more they stay the same.