Eyewear designer and optical retail entrepreneur Larry Sands introduces Shamballa Eyewear, a new luxury eyewear collection inspired by the ancient traditions of yoga and meditation. Shamballa Eyewear features Shamballa Jewels, a Denmark-based luxury jewelry brand known for its unique designs, founded by brothers Mads and Mikkel Kornerup. Like the jewelry, Shamballa Eyewear aspires to encourage the possibility of connection to our inner compassion and wisdom. The Star of Shamballa, two intercrossed thunderbolts, is a declaration of premium quality and craftsmanship, and is a prominent design centerpiece in the eyewear collection. The eyewear collection is comprised of 15 sun and optical styles for women, men and unisex, incorporating anodized aluminum, PVD coatings, Grade 5 titanium and 24-karat RGP (rolled gold electroplating) on certain styles. The collection also features Eternal Light, a limited edition style made with 14-karat solid gold and four sets of interchangeable color tops, available in a limited quantity of 20 pieces only.

—Christine Yeh

“From Matsuda through Chrome Hearts, the bar has raised slowly but surely. This is a giant achievement in luxury eyewear,” says Larry Sands, founder and designer of Shamballa Eyewear.

MARKETING: All frames come with a lambskin case. Leather frame stands, window displays and freestanding dark oak showcases in custom sizes are also available.


CONTACT: For additional information, contact Shamballa Eyewear, (800) 472-7525

Larry Sands is acknowledged as a pioneer of luxury eyewear with career highlights including Optical Shops of Aspen, Matsuda and Chrome Hearts. His new venture with Shamballa Eyewear elevates the bar on luxury eyewear design: “Luxury eyewear is now at a peak of exquisite satisfaction for anyone interested in eyewear perfection. Believe it or not, Shamballa Eyewear will take it beyond that.”