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Moments of CLARITY at Grey Ant (top) and Serge Kirchhofer (bottom)

Feline Frames from l.a.Eyeworks (left), Kaleos Eyehunters (top) and Pugnale (bottom) taking the CATEYE down a narrow alley

It’s all about COLOR. Rocking our matching Kirk & Kirk frames with the king of color, Jason Kirk (left), and powerful hues at Booth & Bruce (top right) and ProDesign (bottom right)

Working the ANGLES at Laura Imami Eyewear (left) and Blake Kuwahara (right)

Totally SIDESWIPED at Phillipe V (left) and Vuarnet (right)

Positive vibes from negative spaces at Myth Eyewear...

Paname Eyewear...

theo eyewear...

Parasite Eyewear...

and Kyme

While the rest of our optical counterparts basked in the bright lights of Las Vegas, this editor ventured to the French city of lights with art director Iris Johnson in tow. Our mission: Finding the best patisseries in Paris to satisfy our dessert cravings and scouting out the hottest new eyewear styles at SILMO optical fair. Our sweet tooth savored the mouthwatering pastries and treats, but the eyewear we found were indeed a feast for our eyes. From dazzling iterations of the beloved CatEye shape to dramatic brow treatments, the eyewear scene at SILMO was tres magnifique! Here, a roundup of some of our favorite sightings (desserts included).

–Christine Yeh