Still Photography: NED MATURA

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Hey all of you GenEYE boys and girls: STILL feelin’ BLUE?

From left: SPERRY TOPSIDER Harwich from L’Amy America; FYSH 3516 from WestGroupe; MdX S3300 from Aspex Eyewear; PEACE EYEWEAR Snappy from i-dealoptics; HOT KISS 32 from Nouveau Eyewear; ECO Rhine from Modo

No other accessory captures COLOR like eyewear, and no other accessory defines the future of specific colorations as well.

From left: MISLEAD 1107 from Oakley; JACK SPADE Anderson from Sàfilo; ISSY & LA Nature from Lafont; GUESS 2408 from Marcolin USA/Viva; SANFORD HUTTON Benjamin 1023 from Colors in Optics

A ’lil bit FADE, a ’lil bit (clubby) SPLIT... and a giant bit to building interest in the frame’s lens SURROUND.

From left: VALERIE SPENCER 9295 from New York Eye; TORY BURCH 1041 from Luxottica; TIREE from Shauns California; WILLIAM MORRIS LONDON 6938B from Classique Eyewear; MENIZZI 3055 from Menizzi Eyewear

Get. Ready. Here. Comes... METAL.

From left: ENGLISH LAUNDRY Steele from Zimco Optics; ROBERT GRAHAM Throwback from Revolution Eyewear; JOE JOSEPH ABBOUD 4032 from Altair Eyewear

Be gone all goons. Beware all nerds.YouR day has likely come and gone when it comes to the future... a future that is SLEEK, MODERN and decidedly ELONGATED.

From top: TEKA 424 from Teka Eyewear; SCOTT HARRIS 311 from Europa International

MIX IT UP. Tortoise was the original mix-and-match when it came to gradations of color. But these days, eyewear sends its ability to BLEND in a variety of directions as varied as... these SPECulators.

From left: BCBGMAXAZRIA Clarissa from ClearVision Optical; VERA BRADLEY Emerson from The McGee Group; KONISHI 5754 from Clariti Eyewear; MAXSTUDIO.COM 127Z from Zyloware

What brings on the BIG and BOLD best? The answer’s NEO-RETRO.

From left: KING BABY Eruption 5954 from Mondottica USA; DANNY GOKEY 31 from Match Eyewear; GEEK Rouq 2013 from LBI Eyewear; CORTINA from Christian Roth; JILL STUART 316 from Eyewear Designs

That INNER SECRET mainstay of eyewear now goes one step further as color variation temples take a strong hold in the GenEYE army.

From top: LULU GUINNESS 877 from Tura; PAUL FRANK Fondly Fahrenheit from Baumvision; ORIGINAL PENGUIN “The Donovan” from Kenmark

Those GenEYE guys LOVE their SPORTS... figures!

From top: QUIKSILVER Dragster from A&A Optical; FRONTMAN 7059 from Arnette; 600 SERIES 604 from Kaenon; ADIDAS af38 from Silhouette