Prepare for a personal OPinion: I imagine one could argue there might be better ad campaigns for eyewear out there… but… NOT AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED. About seven years ago right here in a 20/20 advertisement, I noticed the Danny Clinch portrait of Iggy Pop wearing Varvatos specs delivering a power chord statement on the designer’s take as regards the status of spectacles in the world of rock and role. Five of my favorites in this ongoing campaign done in partnership with Varvatos, Clinch and the highly creative Yard agency would certainly include Iggy Pop, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, Jimmy Page, Paul Weller with Miles Kane and most recently, Willie Nelson. 
 —James J. Spina

Here’s hoping we’ve succeeded in making the point that John Varvatos is a rock star with the 20/20 cover and feature from our March 2013 Vision Expo East issue photographed by Stephen Mark Sullivan. We’re proud to note that Varvatos acknowledged the story as being one of the best ever done on him and his missive. With thanks again to Rem Eyewear and Rem’s Mike Hundert and eyewear designer Nicolas Roseillier for making it all happen so creatively.