Photographed by Stephen Mark Sullivan

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Emerald I’ll

The crystalEYEzed moss tone sweeps to a sleek golden stem with wrap-to-the-front jeweling reinforcing elegance.

ANELA from SALT. Optics

Imparter of Knowledge

Brushed silver denotes quiet strength and the double bridge adds studious authority.

PRODESIGN DENMARK 4144 from Design Eyewear Group

Saddle Up

Looking to get extremely minimal in a shiny gold standard way, Gotti goes for no nosepads. This is eyewear at its eyeDARE best.

ADIL from Gotti Switzerland

Quiet Please

A planned instance where small steps (the eye size, the colors, the temple detailing, the shape) richly tap into all of your resplendent desires.

MATSUDA 2033 from Matsuda Eyewear

To Be Young... Again

The powerful impact of men’s eyewear worn by women persists but Kate Young gives it a concave detailing near the front of the temples, delivering just the right wink of mystery for women.


Royal Blush

With its golden glow infused crystal and a lighter zyl profile, this STATEment is akin to whispered (and totally earned) confidence.

ELSTON from State Optical

Choice of Authority

Looking to step into the future with a past eyewear poise, this Moscot wears so well on the confident modern man.

HELDISH from Moscot

That Club on the Square

With flat top zyl on the top rims and sharply squared corners on the wire bottoms, this clubman style deems itself assured of its past, present and future in the independent eyewear arena.

TEKA 473 from Teka Eyewear

She Joined the Club

Yes, it’s a take on the clubman but this artful edition makes for a powerful feminine declaration via its deep-blue marble-EYEzed metal front mated to rich golden rims. This is definitely new territory well worth exploring for Calvin Klein, optical, consumers and… you.

CALVIN KLEIN 5448 from Marchon Eyewear

Foiled Again

One of eyewear’s classic details revives with a new twist, as this rim takes on a zyl coating ever so similar to the tortoise foiling from frames in the past. That respect for optical’s heritage lends an air of qualified sophistication to this panto-minimal.

SPERRY Jenness from L’Amy America