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Tia Jonsson

Aurora Anthony

Gabrielle Richardson

Authenticity has always been championed by RAY-BAN, a brand worn by visionary icons such as Malcom X and James Dean throughout its rich history. Their ideas and visions challenged their times and are still relevant today. And in our new world where uncertainties are more prevalent than ever, creative visionaries play an even more significant role. To celebrate and highlight today’s visionaries, Ray-Ban debuts its “See Beyond the Sun” campaign.

The campaign brings together Ray-Ban Authentic, the brand’s made to match prescription lens service with the change makers who are wearing Ray-Ban today. Ray-Ban Authentic ensures each Ray-Ban eyewear style from Luxottica is customized to the wearer’s exact specifications with state-of-the-art digitally built lenses to provide the ultimate experience in clarity and comfort. One of the brand’s most revered styles is the Clubmaster Classic, a timeless favorite with its 1950s charm and worn by cultural shapers through the past few decades. Today they are also a go-to choice for tomorrow’s change makers—those who project their focus through Ray-Ban lenses while working to create a better future by using their own unique vision and voices to inspire positive change.

See Beyond the Sun showcases three of these change makers—free-spirited individuals who dare to see beyond the world in front of them and beyond labels and stereotypes. More than just visionaries, they are creative thinkers and community leaders who are shaping tomorrow’s future through their Ray-Ban lenses.

Aurora Anthony embodies NYC’s multihyphenate culture with his creative work in rap music, graffiti art, fashion and design with his brand 100 Wolves. A working resident of the Lower East Side, Anthony is devoted to his community and defines his own horizons by daring to take risks.

Gabrielle Richardson leverages her platform as a model, artist and curator for positive change. As the founder of Art Hoe Collective, an online platform dedicated to giving a voice to artists of color, and The Brown Girl Butterfly Project, a community of Black and Brown women and non-binary people, her art is inspired by imagination. By building her future the way she wants to see it, Richardson is supported by a strong community who allows her to dream.

Model and student Tia Jonsson possesses a personal style and winning personality that have won her a loyal following. Her vitiligo, which causes pigment loss on her forehead and a streak of white hair, has always been a badge of honor for her. Known for her work with Rihanna on the debut Savage x Fenty campaign, Jonsson’ vision is to recognize what you love about yourself wear it as a badge of pride.

Your world, your vision. Ray-Ban challenges all to See Beyond the Sun while helping to change and reshape the future and channeling our inner visionaries.

–Christine Yeh