Teamwork works. It delivered a first place trophy for both 20/20 and Vision Monday recently in the prestigious 2008 Min Integrated Marketing Awards. Min is the Media Industry Newsletter, authoritative when it comes to assessing the best in media and marketing. Well this year they chose the joint Modern Man initiative created by VM and 20/20 as the best of the best when it came to Totally Integrated Project Programs in the B2B category. In detailing the specifics of Modern Man, Min addressed the support of our specific client partners including Marchon, Tura, Rem, Luxottica, Colors in Optics, Viva, Avalon, Eyewear Designs and Kenmark.

The multi-levels of editorial coverage in both publications, the separate supplementary special edition of Modern Man and the incorporation of a video panel  event with continued online exposure was noted as one of the most extensive examples of multiple media programs integrating print and web experiences.    

—James J. Spina