20/20: What types of details from the brand's ready-to-wear collections and other accessories can be found on the new eyewear styles?
Sara Osculati: The Dior eyewear collection pays tribute to Dior’s iconic codes and reinterprets them for eyewear. For women, we recently introduced the “Dior Signature” symbolizing the birth of a new icon for Christian Dior. This new institutional line, dear to the Maison’s Artistic Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, positions itself as a timeless creation inspired by the emblematic “Book Tote” handbag. Meanwhile, the men’s collection provides a fashion-forward yet timeless spirit with a sporty and modern twist, following the inspiration of Kim Jones’ collections. The ‘Hinge Cut’ detail, a tribute to the Maison’s traditional tailoring, is a true highlight of our product offer for men.

During a time where consumers are shopping less, how do you plan to promote Dior to potential customers?
Consumers tend to shop less indeed, but they are expecting more from their purchases. Dior eyewear delivers outstanding design, “Made in Italy” excellence, the best materials in terms of acetates, metals and lenses, and beautiful packaging. Beyond offering a superior product experience, we invest in digital experiences where a major part of the consumer journey takes place, especially in the current context. We are partnering with our clients to bring to life a comprehensive digital presence. For example, in the U.S., we will also invest in a dedicated summer digital program with Nordstrom, where we will showcase our Dior Signature styles across social media.

Since Dior is such a prominent luxury label, what extra steps will be taken to promote this new eyewear collection?
Selective distribution is key. We are carefully selecting and reviewing the authorized network—especially online—to offer protection to our partners, but also to heighten the exclusivity and trust of our end consumer in their Dior experience. We are building a selective distribution network among the best doors worldwide and are partnering online with the most qualitative e-retailers. This selectivity in our approach allows us to guarantee the best experience for consumers: from in-store visual merchandising inspired by the concept of the Dior flagship store on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, to the storytelling incorporated in our products, as well as powerful marketing campaigns. Our partners will bring the Dior story to life.

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