Sàfilo rolls out the Polaroid Plus sunglass collection to select optical doors across the U.S. The Premium Plus Collection contains six styles, all featuring the innovative UltraSight Plus lens, which is now glue-free. This new lens offers the universally recognized benefits of Polaroid polarized lenses such as 100 percent UV protection, reduction of eye fatigue and elimination of glare. In addition, the lens provides clearer vision as a result of the absence of glue, is safer because it’s made from shock resistant polyamide material and has longer durability since there is no risk of exfoliation. The new styles rediscover an original look, minimal and urban, which features pure lines and classic shapes with a wearable, contemporary design. The Polaroid Plus Collection is divided into two groups: Series 01, consisting of three acetate models for men and one acetate unisex style; and Series 02, containing two masculine metal/plastic combos. Some styles are offered in two sizes to accommodate larger and smaller face shapes.


PHILOSOPHY: “Polaroid goes back to the essentials with a new, eye-catching graphic mark consisting of the letter “P.” This metal graphic is integrated in the new dedicated hinge block. “P” stands for Polaroid and Polarization, a simple letter that summarizes the historic and technological heritage of a great brand brought into the future. “P” also stands for Plus, the new collection that offers more in terms of technology and design to the wide range of products already developed by the Polaroid brand,” Sàfilo says.

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a five-unit display, presentation tray and countercard.


CONTACT: For additional information, contact Sàfilo USA, (800) 631-1188,
website: mysafilo.com

The Polaroid Plus Collection is revolutionary in its direct and informal manner of communicating technical information to the customer: All details are written inside the left temple in an original yet minimalist, consumer-friendly format.