Sama Eyewear by Sheila Vance launches the limited edition Magic Hour Collection of ultra-luxurious frames and sunglasses. Included are optical and sun styles with semi-precious and precious stones. Premium materials and hardware used in creating jewelry as well as precision engineering are utilized in each style. Customization is also an essential part of the collection. Consumers can be totally involved in the design process, choice of colors, and types and number of stones. Although these styles are extremely luxurious, they are as wearable as they are beautiful, Sheila Vance, Sama founder and designer, emphasizes.

With this new collection, we feel we are helping the market grow to where it should be. Look at handbags and shoes. The prices keep moving up and up while eyewear prices are going down, down, down,” says Sheila Vance, Sama founder and designer. “It’s time for that to change. Luxury is a way of life: equal parts fashion, quality and exclusivity. People the world over are eager to experience the finest life has to offer, irrespective of price. That’s why we are moving ahead full force with luxury eyewear.”

The collection is available only in Ilori and Optical Shop of Aspen stores in the U.S. Internationally the collection will be offered to Sama customers.

Retail prices range from $2,500 for semi-precious stones to $100,000. For additional information, contact Sama Eyewear (323) 822-3955; website:

The name “Magic Hour” was selected because it is a synonym for the minutes around sunset—the most beautiful time of day when the light levels change dramatically and the sparkle from diamonds shine most brightly.