Taking its design direction from the riches of ancient Egypt and utilizing state-of the-art, modern technology, Sahara by Sama Eyewear debuts. The first collection consists of six women’s sunglass styles. Ophthalmic frames and designs for men will follow. All the metal pieces used throughout the frames are pure Japanese titanium. The plastics are block (three-dimensional) laminated Japanese materials. A new technology in nickel-free plating using a series of electroplated layers to create rich color dimensions is employed on the titanium frames, which are finished by hand polishing for an authentic antique burnish look. Customized colors—Oasis, Crimson, Kohl, Nile—have been created for the plastics to reflect the desert motif. Details include stained-glass window effects, antique coin motifs, laser etching and Sama’s proprietary gradient plating. All the sun lenses are CR-39 polarized, provided by Sama SLP (Sama Lens Provider) and are exclusive to the company—verified by a laser-scribed Sama logo. Lenses are available in single and double gradient treatments.

Photographed by Annie Gallagher/Black Box studio


“Inspired by some of history’s most innovative art, architecture, culture and technology, Sahara by Sama is a collection of eyewear that perfectly blends the artistry and craftsmanship of the ancient world with modern designs, materials and technology,” says Sama designer
Sheila Vance.


Customized countercards, postcards and desert-motif cloths are available. Sunglasses come with a crocodile cream-colored case and Sahara-inspired cleaning cloth. 

$$$$$. For additional information, contact Sama Eyewear at (323) 822-3955; web site: www.samaeyewear.net

In working with the titanium materials used in Sama frames, a state-of the-art technology, exclusive to the Japanese factory in which the frames are created, is utilized. The process consists of three-dimensional titanium pressing by a 600-ton press.