To celebrate Nine West’s 10th anniversary in the optical industry, Sàfilo USA unveils new styles, merchandising materials and a logo. Included are 11 feminine ophthalmic styles, nine for adults and two for tweens, highlighting the brand’s chic, fresh-fashion philosophy. Two frames are acetate, while the rest are metal/plastic combinations. Additionally, four new sunglasses, three plastics and one metal, have also been added to the collection. Polarized lenses are available. Some designs also feature the new Nine West logo, a stylized group of  “9”s.

PHILOSOPHY: “Not only is Nine West celebrating a 30th anniversary this year, but we also continue to evolve as a fashion leader,” says Fred Allard, creative director of Nine West. “I am thrilled to be celebrating a 10th anniversary in eyewear with Sàfilo USA. We are extremely proud that both our optical and sunwear lines consistently offer incredible design, function and quality. And, as our brand continues to expand, so have our offerings in optical. We have added sunglasses, girls’ optical frames and are now updating our eyewear displays, in keeping with the modernized logo and brand image.””

MARKETING: Updated merchandising materials are available featuring Nine West’s new logo. Included are a two-place display, six-place in-counter display, six-place on-counter display, 18-place rotator, 36-place floor rotator and logo plaque.

PRICE POINT: $. For additional information, contact Sàfilo USA, (800) 631-1188; web site: www.sà

The Nine West brand promise is to satisfy the style chameleon’s craving for diverse, sexy, fresh fashion that is on trend, at attainable prices. The newest eyewear offerings, logo and merchandising display program all reinforce Nine West’s powerful brand message of being of the moment, with a fresh image that is consistent throughout Nine West’s 1,035 global locations in 61 countries.