Sàfilo USA introduces its 16-piece Jimmy Choo sunglass collection designed for women. Oversized, vintage-inspired glamorous plastic shapes with sophisticated details comprise the majority of the collection. A metal aviator and shield round out the line. Frame colors range from classic tones of black, brown, gray, havana, brown/deep red and champagne in the plastics to black, dark ruthenium, gold-bronze and rose-brown in the metals. Logo details include such signature design elements as the oval metal ring, small visible studs and the round logo plaque. A seven-style ophthalmic collection is being introduced this month.

Photographed by Annie Gallagher/Black Box studio

“Jimmy Choo is a name synonymous with luxury and glamour. The brand’s infamous shoe collection, favored by Hollywood’s leading ladies for years, has made a huge impact on the female consumer in the U.S. and abroad. As the brand continues to grow even stronger with new product category introductions, we feel the launch of Jimmy Choo eyewear is perfectly timed to take advantage of the brand’s growing importance and awareness in the U.S. luxury market,” says Dick Russo, Sàfilo USA executive vice president. “The collection will have a modern edge with a vintage feel, which is reflective of the eyewear trends going forward.”


Merchandising materials include a one-place highlighter, three- and 10-place displays, counter mat, mirror and logo plaque.

$$$$$. For additional information, contact Sàfilo USA, (800) 631-1188; www.safilousa.com

Jimmy Choo was launched in 1996 when the accessories editor at Vogue UK, Tamara Mellon, approached Jimmy Choo, a couture shoe maker based in the East End of London recognized for his excellent craftsmanship. Mellon partnered with Choo to start the Jimmy Choo ready-to-wear company, opening the first stand-alone boutique in London together with a strong wholesale business. Today Jimmy Choo enjoys the visibility of a major luxury brand with more than 60 stores in many of the world’s top locations.