Polaroid Eyewear arrives in the U.S. with a new Polaroid Premium Collection developed for the American market. Included are 28 classic and contemporary styles, 10 of which can accommodate prescription lenses. Fourteen styles are masculine, 11 are feminine and three, unisex. Featuring clean lines and bold shapes, the new collection offers the proprietary Polaroid UltraSight polarized lenses, which deliver perfect vision without glare or distortion. All Polaroid lenses are made of functional elements, including a polarized filter in the center, four filters for UV protection, two extra shock absorbing coatings that give them additional durability and two scratch-resistant layers for protection, and are finished with an AR coating. Frame colors range from modern metal hues to black, brown, gray and Havana, and such combinations as black/purple and black/peach. Many of the frames are teamed with gradient lenses.

Photographed by Black Box Studios

PHILOSOPHY: “The U.S. represents a significant market opportunity for Polaroid Eyewear. We offer consumers a wide variety of polarized sunglasses based on wearable designs and extensive protection that deliver optimum UV protection and glare-free vision at a great price-performance ratio,” says Roberto Vedovotto, CEO of Sàfilo Group.

: Merchandising materials include two 20-place displays (one rotates), a10-place display, one-place window display, desk mirror, Polaroid polarization tester, countercards, banner and brochures.


CONTACT: For additional information, contact Sàfilo USA, (800) 631-1188; website: mysafilo.com

Polaroid’s heritage dates back to 1929 when Dr. Edwin Land created the world’s first synthetic polarizer. In 1937, he founded the Polaroid company. His research proved that glare can be selectively blocked only by a good quality polarizing filter and that polarizing lenses selectively filter out the horizontal light, thus eliminating glare. Dr. Land’s innovative creation is still the basis of all polarized eyewear, photo lenses and screens today.