Sàfilo USA introduces a Carrera women’s ophthalmic collection made with Flexolite memory metal—the first time Carrera has offered memory metal options for women and the first time Carrera has offered any product specifically for women to the U.S. market. Included are three styles featuring bridges and temples constructed from a Flexolite titanium and nickel alloy that is 25 percent lighter than conventional metals and has eight times more spring than steel. Frames are offered in teacup-shape designs. Two styles are fully rimmed and one is semi-rimless. Colors range from lustrous tan and shiny brown to lilac and eggplant/rose.

PHILOSOPHY: “Carrera has enjoyed much success with the Flexolite memory metal material in its men’s and children’s collections so we expect these highly wearable women’s offerings to deliver similar results for our customers and female consumers alike,” says Dick Russo, Sàfilo USA executive vice president. 

Each frame comes with a hard case.

PRICE POINT: $$$. For additional information, contact Sàfilo USA, (800) 631-1188; web site: www.safilousa.com

Not only are Flexolite frames extremely comfortable and durable, they are also fatigue and corrosion-resistant. Although not completely indestructible, these frames provide excellent memory retention, easily holding their shape.