Let’s talk TRUE Luxury. The “luxury” of being in the optimal care of an ECP capable of delivering both the “cold” and “hot” skills as defined by Barry Santini in this month’s 20/20 L&T feature “New Optical Tech-nology: Ally or Adversary?” with its ultimate point of embracing the current wave of smart refraction and telemedicine.

Let me put it in a context of… me. I’m a writer and editor. Give or take a topic or two (apparel, music and automobiles being three that actually come to mind) I’ve been at this scribe gig for my whole professional life. With a certain degree of studied information, a desire to educate as well as entertain and a willful need to communicate, I’ve managed to keep current in a media world defined by numerous mediums from print to digital.

I originally set out on some clackity manual typewriters at Women’s Wear Daily and Hit Parader magazine (in truth I started with a very leaky fountain pen at Saint Hedwig’s grade school, encouraged as a writing contest winner in Long Island’s Newsday) and then moved on to word processors and then computers, while the medium shifted from just print to bountiful platforms of paper and the Internet.

Fascinated by the realm of websites AND the ever-evolving existence of social media, I’ve kept at this worship-of-words from the beginning, and I intend to stay reader-devoted no matter what the method.

And that brings us to you and Barry and this feature story laying out the basics of how you’ll need to measure up, so to speak, in your very immediate (like right NOW) future if you are truly intent on delivering the ultimate in vision to those in your care. As Santini notes, the taking of an accurate monocular PD is tops when it comes to detailing the arsenal of skills defining a master optician. And the moment-to-moment fresh tech occurring with the latest smartphone auto refractor applications glows hot in equal status as a means for an optician to display the right stuff endearingly and increasingly welcomed by your patients so agitated by the classic dilemma of having to self-pick “Which is better, number 1 or number 2?”

So don’t pass on this deluxe opportunity to continually and devotedly deliver a truly visionary experience to your patients. Times change. Roles evolve. And in order to not only keep pace with demands, now is the perfect moment for you to run cold AND hot as you ally yourself to the max with a blend of old-world skills and new world enlightenment.

James J. Spina