The lenses, they are a-changin’… but only when you want them to. Rudy Project has upgraded their Rx program, with the addition of an Rx manager, Wendy Black, and more Rxable lenses.

Black, a licensed optician, has been with Rudy Project for about a year, consulting and doing training in the field for the company. She raises awareness among dispensaries and optometrists of the benefits of prescription sport eyewear offered by Rudy Project. Their latest development, adding their ImpactX Photochromic lenses as an Rxable option as well as Rx interchangeables, has been well-received by
dispensaries nationwide.

“For us to be successful, we need our customers to be successful, too,” says Brad Shapiro, principal for Rudy Project. “We take time to educate our customers about a niche market that will separate them from their competitors.”

The new Rx interchangeable lenses are a large step in customized sports prescription eyewear. The lenses are cut and edged by special machines at Pesch optical labs, a partner of Rudy Project. The lenses require special niches on them to be able to snap in and out of frames. Rudy Project has created nine new frames that will support interchangeable lenses.

“The frames are light and flexible with adjustable temples and nosepieces,” says Black. “The changeable lenses make them good for multiple sports, with different lenses for different light conditions.” ImpactX lenses are available in photo clear, green and red tints. They can also be coated.

Overall, approximately 95 percent of Rudy Project’s sunglass models are Rxable, eight of these styles being semi-rimless sports styles. Progressive lenses are also available.   
—Lauren Taylor