COLUMBUS, Ohio--Rodenstock is introducing two lenses based on its popular Cosmolit Office design that offer improved intermediate and near vision performance. The lenses, Nexyma 80 and Nexyma 40, are being distributed in the U.S. by Optical Distribution Group, based here.

Nexyma 80 works well for intermediate and near desk work. It features an extended visual area from reading distance to room distance, making it well-suited for computer use.

Nexyma 80 has two separate designs. Digression type A is for additions up to +1.75 and Digression B is for additions from +2.00. The Nexyma 80 provides patients with a relaxed head and body posture for general intermediate ranges.

Nexyma 40 performs for near-point reading purposes. Rodenstock recommends it for reading, handcrafts and all close-up tasks. It has a large near area of wide vision, giving patients vision comfort and a relaxed posture for near vision.

"There are no special fitting techniques for the Nexyma 40 or the Nexyma 80," noted ODG sales manager Greg Ballew. "These lenses should be ordered with normal progressive lens measurements. The Nexyma is designed with position of wear technology and is currently available in standard 1.50 plastic," he added.

The Nexyma 40 and 80 are available now through authorized wholesale laboratories. Cosmolit Office lenses may be available on a limited basis on inquiry.

ODG is the exclusive distributor for Rodenstock lenses and frames in the U.S. The company, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is owned by Lazear Capital, which acquired the assets of Rodenstock North America in 2005. The company is managed by several industry veterans, including Jon Haglund, who serves as president and sales managers Greg Ballew and Ron Riley.