You got that right, Al.

 It was a night and date well worth remembering for TWO very important reasons. The Al here is Marchon’s Al Berg and the date was April 12, 2008 (even though Al momentarily forgot what day it was!) and the reasons were masterfully announced by Berg for a special celebration inducting Jobson’s Senior VP and Editorial Director Marge Axelrad into the Accessories Council Hall of Fame.

So what are these TWO reasons?

Well, the first is that it’s Marge and everyone at Jobson is beaming with pride that she is being honored for her monumental dedication to the missive as the optical arena’s most devoted nerve center in a career enriched with equal doses of professional and personal creativity. Marge is the whole industry’s main confidante, news breaker and warrior in the crusade provisioning the marketplace and the medical profession with a sense of what it takes to enhance THE sense of better vision.

The second reason, so eloquently divined by Berg’s introduction is tied right back into that first reason of honoring Marge. The night marked the grand occasion of the Accessories Council officially deeming eyewear as a prime-time player in the world of fashion accessories.

We HAVE arrived. Eyewear is hot. It’s great to be seen in eyewear AND it has the added benefit of enhancing one’s eyesight. You could ascribe similar attributes to accessories like shoes (for walking) but let’s face it... Seeing is a gift and the fact that a frame coupled with lenses sharpens our perception of the world makes for a sublime accessory.

So there you have it: Marge Axelrad duly honored AND eyewear established as a top fashion accessory. For me
the night was perfect. And it didn’t hurt that it was celebrated taking in the magnificent view of my dear New York from Top of the Rock at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The swirl of models decked out in Pucci dresses and sunglasses also smooched my soul.

Sponsors included Marchon, Pucci, Jobson, Kenmark, Luxottica, REM, Sàfilo, Vision Council, Mikli, Essilor, Jones Apparel, L’Amy and Tura.

Exec Editors Mary Kane (VM) and Jackie Micucci (20/20) missed out on the evening’s festivities since they were busy covering Vision Expo events. THEY are inducted into the Jimmy Spina Hall of Frames immediately.

James J. Spina