Robert Marc introduces the Robert Marc “Z” Flex, a new hinge technology designed for the modern man who appreciates cutting-edge technology and fine craftsmanship. The hinge is created by pressing a solid block of titanium into the endpiece shape. The block is then cut into a Z-shaped flex. Using a titanium block, rather than a wire for this hinge, adds more strength and flexibility to the endpieces. The “Z” Flex is currently available in three full-rimmed titanium ophthalmic styles: Model 423, a narrow rectangle; Model 424, also a rectangle; and Model 425,  a square. Two additional men’s ophthalmic shapes, one full-rimmed and one semi-rimless employing a nylon wire, will be introduced with the “Z” Flex this spring.

PHILOSOPHY:  “My inspiration comes from a mid-century lamp I own,” says Robert Marc. “There is a spring coil (sort of slinky) around the electric wires that flexes as you adjust the lamp. I was staring at it one day and thought of the possibilities for the flex on a frame. A number of doodles later and the ‘Z’ Flex was born. I love the form and functional nature of it—beautiful to look at. And it works.”

PRICEPOINT:   $$$$$. For additional information, contact Robert Marc, (212) 675-5200; web site:

The varying thicknesses along the “Z” gives further strength and flexibility to the endpiece.