September 1974 marked the publication of the first issue of 20/20 Magazine. Subtitled as a “Focus on Ophthalmic Product News,” the top of the staff masthead lists Robert Amato as president. Its mission statement? When I asked him for his intent on that goal his answer was simple and... Brilliant. “20/20 is perfect vision. We’re here to help everyone see better.” Then. Now. Tomorrow. Bob A. Perfect Vision.
—James J. Spina

A celebration of the Icons of Eyewear from 20/20 on the occasion of its 30th Anniversary, Robert A. Amato, Chairman and CEO. As stated on the cover: Icons define greatness. Icons empower. Icons deliver a message of importance. Icons withstand the test of time and the challenges of the future. Optical Icons do it in pursuit of perfect vision. Robert A. Amato, Optical Icon.