Revo eyewear collaborated with the “Sagax Revo Greenland Expedition,” a six-person team, led by explorer Luc Hardy, which traveled this summer to some of the most northerly reaches of Greenland to measure the impact of global warming on the Arctic region.

This is the first time Revo has been a main sponsor of an expedition of this nature, but it won’t be the last, says Pierre Fay, executive vice president, Luxottica Group. “We are proud to be the main sponsor of such an important climate research expedition. Revo symbolizes the spirit of adventure and meets the needs of explorers who have to face harsh climates and situations.”

Over the course of the month-long expedition, the team undertook a range of studies to assess the ways that climate change is altering polar ecosystems.

Using scientific analysis and photography, the expedition assessed the impact of global warming on wildlife and vegetation in the Arctic region, including traveling to Mount Gunnbjörn, which is known as the “Top of the Arctic.” At Kap Morris Jesup, the world’s northernmost land mass, the team used GPS technology to obtain precise coordinates for the area of dry land closest to the North Pole. In Greenland’s Northeast Islands, the team surveyed polar bears and attempted to assess the health of the bowhead whale population.

The expedition was made in partnership with Green Cross International (GCI) and the Group for Ecological Arctic Research. Founded and chaired by Mikhael Gorbachev, Green Cross International is one of the few organizations focusing its attention on the crucial nexus between security, poverty and the environment.

—Jackie Micucci