To complement its Lucky Brand Spectacles for adults line, Rem Eyewear introduces the Lucky Kid ophthalmic collection. Included are four girls’ and three boys’ styles made of plastic or metal, and offered in three colors and two sizes each. Designs and colors are bold, but also practical enough to suit the daily lifestyle of active kids. Drawing inspiration from the music scene of the ’70s, silhouettes pay homage to the offspring of legendary musicians ranging from Ringo Starr to Mick Jagger for which they are named—Liv, Trixie, Julian, Stephen, Zac. Design motifs include the iconic Lucky Brand Jeans four-leaf clover on the temple tips in various colors, the “Lucky Kid” metal plaque hidden on the temple interior, laser-engraved dragons and peace signs.

The Lucky Brand Kid collection mirrors the personality of the Lucky Brand, reflecting the same vintage-inspired pedigree of the adult line with a little Lucky Kid playfulness thrown in. “We wouldn’t put our kids in anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves,” says Gene Montesano of Lucky Brand.

MARKETING: Merchandising elements include a six-place display, 20” x 30” poster and countercards. Each frame comes with a Lucky Brand youth peace sign T-shirt and a kid-friendly case.

PRICE POINT: $$. For additional information, contact Rem Eyewear, (800) 423-3023; web site:

Laid-back colors such as matte burgundy, eggplant and deep blue capture the innocent spirit of childhood while the Lucky Brand’s signature comfort remains a main-stay of the collection.