To expand Converse Eyewear’s product range to include more sophisticated eyewear with a vintage inspiration, Rem launches Converse Jack Purcell. Included are 14 ophthalmic styles featured here and six sunglasses to be highlighted at a later date. The main components of the eyewear collection support the foundation of Converse Jack Purcell—carefully curated style that translates to the consumer’s “less is more” philosophy. Each frame is handcrafted from acetate with five to seven barrel hinges and features such signature details as the Jack Purcell logo, the Jack Purcell license plate, the wave pattern on the endpieces and the smile.

PHILOSOPHY:  “We have invested more than two years of product development to create eyewear that aesthetically embodies the brand’s core attributes, including the signature Jack Purcell smirk,” says Mike Hundert, Rem’s CEO. Rem creative director Nicolas Roseillier adds, “Designing Converse Jack Purcell eyewear was a natural process. We took direct inspiration from the brand’s DNA, using elements such as the smile, the wavy graphic pattern, vintage color palettes and classic frame shapes to create a collection that extends Jack Purcell as a lifestyle brand.”

 Merchandising materials include a six-place display, campaign images, mirror with signature smile and logo plaque. Each frame comes with a case and cleaning cloth.


For additional information, contact Rem Eyewear, (800) 423-3023;

“Think of the things that men of style call their ‘everyday essentials.’ The items that sit by their bed and get used every day. Carefully curated pieces. These are the essentials that represent who they are. This is the inspiration of Jack Purcell,” Rem says.