Consumers Want Clearer Lenses
-In a recent survey, when consumers were told about the advantages of AR lenses and the costs associated with their purchase, about 75% agreed that that would be something they’d consider for their next eyewear. Today, the average sales are about 25% AR. Why the difference? When we asked the consumer if they were told about AR most replied, no. If we don’t talk about it, they can’t get the benefits of AR. In addition, when patients with AR were recently asked whether they were happy and would they buy it again, over 90% were pleased and would buy it again.

Thrilling the Patient
Some offices sell more than 85% AR. Most consumers say (VisionWatch) that they buy AR lenses because their ECP recommended them. So, what can you do? Wear AR lenses yourself, even if you don’t wear glasses. Ensure that the doctor wears them and is recommending AR during the eye exam. Use demonstrators in the dispensary and be prepared with fast and easy descriptions of why everyone should be wearing AR. Professional dispensers know the following and tell it to every patient, even the little ones and their parents.

Tell Patients


There’s reduced eyestrain and fatigue
• AR lenses let almost all the light through, reflections get in the way and make eyes work harder
• Lenses are very difficult to scratch so they stay clearer longer
• Computer and TV screens are clearer
Vision is clearer and sharper, especially at night

(This is important for senior patients)

• Contrast is improved
• Halos around lights disappear
• Smaller details are more visible
• All day vision is more relaxed
• Night time tasks are easier in low light so activities like driving are less tiring, reaction time is faster so there’s increased safety
You’ll look marvelous!
• Friends and colleagues see your eyes clearly
• Communication is easier when you see someone’s eyes
• Thick lenses do not reflect edges so the “coke bottle” effect is less noticeable
• Lenses appear thinner
Years ago they were just AR coatings, today AR is an integral part of the lens
• New adhesion processes ensures that the AR is part of the lens
• New top layers make them easier to clean and care for
Lenses are easier to clean and stay cleaner longer
• Super hydrophobics and an anti-particulate layer repels dust, dirt and lint, even after cleaning
• Water and oil are easily wiped away without smudging
• Good AR protects your eyewear investment