The lights are bright. The music is pumping. The models come out and strut down the catwalk as the crowd watches in awe.

We only get to see the exciting end product of fashion shows. What we don’t witness are the behind the scenes masterminds bringing the show to life within those few minutes. And it isn’t just a great outfit that astounds; the accessories help achieve the impact—the shoes, the hats… and of course, the eyewear.

At the Calvin Klein runway shows, Marchon’s senior director for Calvin Klein and ck Calvin Klein eyewear collection, Linda Ryno, is a driving force behind the eyewear styles that go down the runway, pairing eyewear with the ensemble to perfect a look. “The eyewear styles at the shows tie into the overall design philosophy of the brand,” she explains. “It’s always a minimalistic look, like [Calvin Klein runway styles designer] Francesco Costa’s clothing. The eyewear always ties into the color palette of the season.”

The final runway ensembles are the well thought-out products of collaboration. “Marchon’s design team works directly with Francesco Costa and he decides what look he wants,” she explains. “We meet with him and he gives us inspiration for the season. He gives us sketches, shapes, old vintage eyewear that he wants us to draw inspiration from. It’s a meeting of the minds. We go off and develop prototypes.”

When the stage is set and the show is ready to begin, the eyewear is the finishing touch. “It completes the look,” says Ryno. “It’s like the bow on the present.”   

—Melissa Arkin