Many might think this pic was supplied by… Luxottica. Nope. It’s from a band called The Oats, and all on their lonesome they seem to have discovered a mother lode of Ray-Ban sun specs. These Oats are Oscar Brena and Armando Vega in RB 2140 original style Wayfarers, Alfonso Rodrigues in RB 4141 (a rounded Wayfarer) and Andrés Mora in RB 2132 (an updated Wayfarer shape). Believe it or not, THEY gave 20/20 all of that definitive eyewear style info. Luxottica should sign them up as part of Ray-Ban’s 75th anniversary celebration. Beat-specific far beyond their years, The Oats sound like they were all ears as Jack Kerouac drove by ranting “on the road” through their native Mexico City. Sample some of their debut EP Smokin’ Smokings at for a taste of modern Americana done down, dirty… and young.     
—James J. Spina

Let’s spend the next few months looking back on some of 20/20’s terrific L&T covers. It’s safe to assume that safety lenses and dispensing occupationally correct eyewear is still a priority and a growing one at that. Equally safe to assume those die-cast toys are now nearly collectables.