Manufacturer: QSpex Technologies

Description: In-office lens manufacturing system that uses new technology to produce top-quality spectacle lenses "in-office" in about 35 minutes.

Features: The QSpex Premium Lens System is designed with a small in-office footprint, and daily operation of the system is easily learned by office personnel. Training is straightforward and most technicians are able to use the system effectively and efficiently during the first half day of operation. The actual hands-on time requiring operator attention is about five minutes per pair of lenses, often less time than it currently takes to transmit a lens order to a lab and follow up on patient inquiries. The system utilizes single use, disposable plastic molds, meaning there is no need to clean the molds after use; they are recycled or discarded. Furthermore, no gaskets are required. Each back mold is supplied with a single use pre-attached lens spacer. All lens treatments have been pre-applied onto the molds by QSpex and transfer during lens curing.

Availability: Single vision, polarized and advanced digital progressive designs, with a high quality, seven-layer, hydrophobic and oleophobic AR treatment. Photochromic lenses will also be available in July 2012. Lens powers cover 86 percent of prescriptions (-4.25 to +2.00D with cylinder to -2.00D and progressive adds of +1.00 to +3.00D, all in 0.25D steps).

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