Roberta McLaughlin and Natalie Cooper, 20/20 Vision Care

What steps have you taken to protect your staff and customers in this new environment?
We have reconfigured the flow of our store. We provide hand sanitizer and ask that all people entering sanitize and wear a mask. All tools are sprayed with disinfectant after each use. We ask people to respect social distancing; trying on frames is possible but we limit the number of frames, and we are disinfecting after each frame has been worn. A wireless debit terminal has been purchased. Before pickup of new eyewear, we bill insurance and often allow customers to prepay over the phone. The delivery area has been isolated to limit contact with customers. The store is constantly cleaned during daytime working hours with a full wipe down at the end of the day.

Since reopening, how have your patients engaged with the new protocols you have set?
The first few days of reopening were a little rough. We have found it necessary to provide face masks. We find ourselves reminding people not to try on while they are waiting for adjustments. Overall people are very receptive and appreciative of all of our efforts to keep everyone safe.

What is your approach to bringing in new frame products?
In this new world, we will find ways—online, Zoom calls, frames on approval and online catalogs are our new normal.

What can your frame vendors do to continue to maintain a good relationship with you?
Keep in touch; let us know about promotions and their new policies and procedures.

How are you servicing and staying in touch with your customers?
Since our closing on March 17, we have been in constant contact via all social media and on our website, voicemails and emails. We have worked behind the scenes providing emergency repairs and replacements. Most of our posts were positive and upbeat, and showcased new products that will draw our customers in for a feel-good experience!

–Christine Yeh