By Linda Hardy, LDO- GA, CPOT, COA


Summer is upon us. This is prime time for outdoor activities. Once the weather heats up, the more we play sports, have parties, and spend time in the beautiful outdoors. Its an amazingly fun time of year, but it is also the time when more accidents can happen, and eye injuries can be a part of these accidents. To help avoid these types of injuries it is best to prepare for the possibilities.

We all make sure we have water if we know we are spending time outdoors in the heat or exercising. If we are in the sun, we make sure to wear sunscreen. It only makes sense to have protective eyewear for children when they are involved in different activities or even just outdoors playing. 

First thing to think about is simplistic protection. Kids are kids. They run, they throw things, they flip around. Polycarbonate or Trivex lenses in a sport-like goggle are by far the easiest way to protect a child’s eyes. Poly and Trivex lenses are the most impact/shatter resistant lens materials, so if something pops up and hits the lens, they will not shatter into pieces to cause cuts or possible foreign bodies in a child’s eyes.  These impact resistant lens materials also offer UV protection. Poly and Trivex meet or exceed the ANSI standard for UV protection by blocking up to 380 nm or higher. That’s a great 2 for 1 deal. We all need sun protection, if it is not with sunglasses, then a clear lens with 100% UV built in is the next best thing.

Sports frames are awesome. They have a wrap to give better protection, and they are much less likely to fall off the head with either a sports strap or wrapping temples for security. These are great for all types of sports, riding bikes, or even just everyday wear.

I feel like sun wear is a must, especially for children. (Of course, with polycarbonate or Trivex lenses). Polarized sun wear, especially around water, makes an overall experience much more enjoyable, but these lenses protect from the sun, protect from environmental debris, and give the wearer much sharper and clearer visual acuity by filtering out the horizontally reflected light that results in glare.

Swim goggles, even with prescription, have become a big need. These protect the eyes from chlorine, lake water, and salt water. Chlorine is tough on eyes. It can cause severe dryness, redness, and irritation. If a child spends a lot of time in a pool, swim goggles are a must. There are many types of bacteria in lake water and ocean water. Goggles may not protect 100% against harmful bacteria, but they help.    

An item that I think is a great idea for our young football players is the helmet eye shield. These are injection molded with high impact polycarbonate. This gives zero distortion and maximum coverage for almost all styles of football helmets.  The clear ones are great, they help protect from facial and eye injuries. Now these shields come in tints and with prescriptions. I think these are wonderful options for kids during summer football camps and trainings.   They are very reasonably priced and are worth the small investment.

Preparation is everything to help protect our kids. We want to keep them active and healthy. Eye injuries can be devastating. They are extremely painful and can cause long term damage. Investments into active eyewear will give your child the best opportunities to enjoy their activities and to be protected with the best clarity of vision possible.  

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