Performance eyewear brand 7Eye has partnered with the Boise, Idaho-based Winter Wildlands Alliance to promote the preservation of winter wildlands and snowsports experiences on public lands. When consumers donate $150 to the WWA, they will receive a coupon for a free pair of 7Eye’s SPF 100 (Seal Protection Factor) eyewear. The eyewear blocks airborne irritants, wind and peripheral glare with Airlock, its new proprietary non-air-permeable eyecup design.

“We strongly support WWA’s mission and ongoing work,” says Jackson Hogen, vice president of marketing and R&D for 7Eye. “We are happy to play a role in helping to preserve the places where we play while also educating outdoor enthusiasts about the importance of wearing the appropriate eyewear. We look forward to establishing a long term relationship with WWA, ensuring future generations will have access to the natural beauty of winter wildlands.”

—Lauren Taylor