ProDesign Denmark introduces ZENSE 7342-45, a four-style frame series with a specially designed hinge and a streamlined, futuristic look. The hinge, made of stainless steel, is based on the principle of rotating the temples to open and close the frame. The frame front and nosepad arms are titanium. The
temples are co-injected plastic and rubber to protect the lenses and adhere to the face even in very warm temperatures. Frame shapes are classic with one distinctly feminine design and are available in two fully rimmed and two semi-rimless versions. All styles accommodate progressive lenses. Each frame is offered in four colors, including black, blue, brown, gray, green, lilac, red and white. The coloring is achieved through a hybrid spray paint process.

PHILOSOPHY: “The 7342-45 series was developed to create a frame where the hinge is an integrated part of the frame design, seamlessly connecting the temples to the front. When closed the frame is flat and fits easily into a pocket. A true masterpiece of innovation,” says Lars Toftdahl, ProDesign director of sales.

PRICE POINT: $$$$$. For additional information, contact ProDesign Denmark, (800) 654-6099; web site:

When presenting the ZENSE frame, show it to its best advantage by taking it out of the tray immediately and holding it in your hands to demonstrate the rotation process. Encourage customers to handle the frame.