ProDesign Denmark launches its first sunglass collection with the objective of “mixing fashion and technology.” Targeted to consumers who are concerned about style and function, the line features highquality polarized lenses (a thin polarized film is sandwiched between two very thin lenses) combined with the latest in cutting-edge design. Four of the styles are equipped with mineral glass lenses and five styles with NXT lenses. Lenses are scratch and impact-resistant and have an antiglare treatment. Frames are acetate and offered in five or six colors. The sunglasses are Rxable and are generally unisex with some distinctive masculine and feminine designs.


PHILOSOPHY: “This collection of sunglasses represents the blending of fashionable eyewear trends with the absolute best and latest in sun lens material and technology,” says ProDesign sales director Lars Toftdahl.

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a sunglass display holder, poster, countercard, banner, image brochure and product/lens information guide. All sunglasses are packaged and shipped with a hard clam-style case.

PRICE POINT: $$$ (NXT lenses); $$$$ (mineral glass lenses). For additional information, contact ProDesign Denmark, (888) 275-2335; web site:

Headquartered in Denmark where it was founded in the 1970s, ProDesign brings the essential spirit of Danish design and lifestyle values to the global eyewear market. Danish design, especially furniture, is known for its clean, simple lines, consistent high quality and ability to combine lightness of form with functional strength. ProDesign embodies these elements in its eyewear collections to create a look and appeal that is unmistakably Danish.