Sponsored by Shamir
By Linda Conlin

Shamir Glacier™ PLUS is an anti-reflective coating that utilizes advanced technologies to provide a cutting-edge, glare-reducing solution for your patients’ lenses. Shamir’s Glacier™ PLUS coating provides comprehensive protection from the various elements that glasses encounter every day. From dirt and dust, to static and scratches, Glacier™ PLUS will Reduce, Resist and Repel, keeping lenses clean and clear of distracting reflections. This advanced coating is built to last. Its anti-reflective properties significantly increase light transmission, contributing to a greatly improved visual experience.

Is Glacier™ PLUS really that good? For a first-hand look, we spoke with Nicole, Clinic Director for Focused Eye Care in Lakeville, MN, and Adam, Optician Manager at Studio Optix in New York City, about their experiences with this product and how their patients responded.

Nicole and Adam stressed the durability of Glacier™ PLUS as a key benefit for both the patient and the practice. Nicole said, “Kids need it early,” and talks to parents about Glacier™ PLUS’ superior scratch resistance. Adam notes that Glacier™ PLUS is “a reliable, premium coating with consistent patient satisfaction.” Nicole and Adam also commented that the coating’s durability eliminated AR warranty remakes, an indicator of patient satisfaction that also saves time and money. Patients in both practices also appreciate that the coating’s oleophobic and hydrophobic properties make their lenses easy to clean. Adam says patients “see the difference” and consider the cost of Glacier™ PLUS “money well spent.” Patients also enjoy the cosmetics of lenses that cut glare with reduced reflection and coloration.

We’ve all had patients who were unhappy with previous poor quality AR products that scratched, peeled and were difficult to clean, discouraging them from purchasing it on a new pair. Nicole tells patients that the staff wears Glacier™ PLUS, and it’s what she uses for her family, some of whom are rough on their glasses, because she “knows it works.” Adam discusses the quality of the multilayer coating with patients and demonstrates the difference from a standard lens. He has a lens with standard AR and one with Glacier™ PLUS side by side in a frame, then marks both lenses with a felt tip pen and wipes the lenses. Patients see the lens with standard AR smear, while the Glacier™ PLUS lens wipes clean.

Nicole and Adam agree that their patients know the importance of UV protection, too. Nicole says her patients are especially pleased when she pairs Glacier™ PLUS with Autograph Intelligence lenses in Shamir Blue Zero that absorbs High Energy Visible (HEV) light. She knows the combination gives them “something their previous glasses couldn’t provide.” Adam notes that his patients are educated about UV and expect it in their lens products. They agree, too, that Glacier™ PLUS is a reliable product, available for a variety of lens designs to suit patient needs. They know it is a custom product, index matched to the lens material, for which the quality is well worth the additional days it may take for the order to be completed.

Both ECPs agree that across the board, Shamir products provide unique solutions for their patients’ needs. Adam says Shamir offers “a great tool kit” of products. They also appreciate Shamir’s support of them as dispensers of their products. Nicole described her “amazing rep” who answered her questions immediately. Adam likes Shamir’s ReCreating Perfect Vision Rewards Program (RCPV) through which dispensers can earn points by dispensing Shamir premium PALs, and cash them in for money or prizes.

Nicole and Adam are confident recommending Glacier™ PLUS to their patients. Nicole cites durability, cosmetics, and ease of care for her patients, as well as having a 100% ranking with her lab for AR. Adam says he has “success with Shamir lens technology and designs versus other products” and his patients have “overall satisfaction and success with their products.” He noted that while other companies offer coatings in good-better-best categories, Shamir “focused its efforts on one great thing – one premium coating.”

Shamir’s goal is to drive their ECP customers’ success with best-in-class products and innovative optical solutions, all globally backed by the closest personal support. They offer a broad range of single vision and progressive lenses to suit your patients’ lifestyles, as well as the most advanced aesthetic and protective coatings. But don’t take it from them, take it from Nicole and Adam on the ‘front line’ that Shamir achieves their goal by helping practices achieve theirs.