Loads of floral and plenty of fauna represented with stripes and spots in all colors. Polka dots and checks. Reptilian accents. And always tortoise tones and warm washes of Havanas and demi-ambers. A bold dose of over-the-top graphics. Mixed and matched with abandon, covering the spectrum from subtle to exquisite—and sometimes—wildly extravagant. Prints and patterns in abundance, giving fresh, eye-catching appeal to the newest frame styles.

Photographed by Ned Matura

From top: SUNTRENDS 148 from i-dealoptics; BETSEY JOHNSON Zaza 084 from Legacie/A Luxury House of B. Robinson Optical; NICOLE MILLER COLLECTION 2018 from Signature Eyewear; DYNASTIE  from Lafont From top: VALERIE SPENCER 9203 from New York Eye; NORMA KAMALI 7318 from Avalon Eyewear; KLIIK: denmark 413 from Wescan Optical; VAN HEUSEN Studio from Nouveau Eyewear; MENIZZI 2048 from Menizzi