Optic Nerve has discovered a way to give protection to the other side of the world without ever leaving home. The company donated 1,000 pairs of sunglasses to the dZi Foundation, which facilitates a variety of educational sponsorships, clinics and community services throughout the world. The foundation, through its optical solutions program, which provides optical education, ophthalmologist consultations and eyewear and sunwear to children in desert-like climates who often suffer from eye problems stemming from sun damage, will distribute the sunglasses to children in the Indian cities of Ladakh and Sikkim.

“We distribute Optic Nerve sunglasses to each child we see with instructions on the need to wear them,” says Monica Schalla, optical solutions program director at the dZi Foundation. “Four years ago we struggled to get children to wear them as they just didn’t see anyone wearing sunglasses—it was somewhat of a stigma. Now they see us and the first thing they ask for are the sunglasses. It’s fantastic.”

Optic Nerve has donated 1,000 pairs of sunglasses for adults and children every year since 2006.

—Lauren Taylor