By Opticians Association of America

The practice of opticianry is going to look a little different for a while. As the country prepares to reopen, in order to protect our patients and ourselves, everyday methods will be changing. The following is advice from experts, tips and suggestions from our peers and information to help you prepare to open in a post-pandemic world.

Some Practice Suggestions from our Members...

  • Make a plan

  • Masks and gloves for all

  • Source private testing for staff

  • Hand sanitizer station

  • Appointment only

  • Temperature taken - employees and patients upon entering

  • Health status questionnaire upon entering

  • Pre-appointment screening re: needs and reason for appointment

  • Decrease chairs in waiting room

  • Remove magazines and frequently touched items in waiting room

  • Reduce number of dispensing tables

  • Limit number of people in store at one time

  • Staff member must be with customer

  • Staff member must handle frames

  • Proper distancing maintained

  • Frames disinfected after any contact

  • Disinfect pens after use

  • Surfaces disinfected constantly

  • Plexi-partition at checkout

Resources for Disinfection

20/20: The Hygienic Optician

The Vision Council: Reopening Guidance

Marcolin Eyewear: Sanitizing Frames

Personal Protective Equipment

Pupilometer Breath Shields

Pupilometer Breath Shields 2

Face Shield

Free Breath Shield

Disinfection Products

Guidance for Workers and Employers

OSHA: Control and Prevention

OSHA: Healthcare Worker

OSHA: Retail Worker

Office Disinfection

CDC: Re-opening Guidance