Manufacturer: Interlab
Description: Pre-cure system for hardcoating lenses
Target Customer: Coating labs
Features/Functions: Patented, precure system, known as the Interlab “Cocoon,” incorporates a HEPA filter within the curing chamber, so precure process takes place in miniature, heated, inverted clean-room in which lenses are suspended directly above hot laminar air-flow from HEPA filter face. Contoured air-flow director preserves true laminar air-flow in whole of chamber, eliminating turbulence in corners, and preventing build-up of pockets of particles.
Availability: “Cocoon” pre-cure chambers are available as options in Sonicoat high-performance cleaning and hard-coating systems and as free-standing consoles.
Size: 32 inches wide x 35 inches deep by 41 inches high
Base price: $18,800
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