With the increased use of computers in the workplace, patients’ eyes demand an advanced level of vision support. SIGNET ARMORLITE is able to address this demand by combining the Kodak SoftWear Lens design with the hybrid lens material and coating, Kodak Total Blue Lens. Kodak SoftWear Lens addresses the support needed for intermediate and near-viewing tasks, such as computer-based projects, while Kodak Total Blue Lens filters High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light emitted from computer screens. By combining the Kodak SoftWear Lens design with Kodak Total Blue, patients will experience comfortable computer viewing, according to Signet Armorlite.

TPracticePlus is currently offering a rebate to members for Kodak SoftWear Lens with Kodak Total Blue redemptions. PracticePlus Members will be able to earn a $5 rebate for each pair of Kodak SoftWear Lenses combined with Kodak Total Blue that are dispensed and redeemed. Kodak SoftWear Lens must be purchased with Kodak Total Blue Lens in order to qualify. This special offer will be available until Dec. 31, 2017.

PracticePlus was created to support independent eyecare professionals who prescribe Kodak Progressive Lenses to their patients. With the recent relaunch of the program and its website, PracticePlus is continuing to find new and unique ways to help support practice growth. To learn more about or to enroll in PracticePlus, visit practice-plus.net.

–Andrew Karp