How could we possibly resist setting sail with 12-year-old Jack Lehrer participating here in the Green Fleet Division of the Del Rey Yacht Club? Jack’s been scoring in the top 10 consistently these last few months in the Regatta competitions at Redondo Beach, Calif. Jack’s dad, Chett, runs the Eyeglass Case & Accessories division at LBI. Questioned about the specific shades, Chett revealed their origins as being original B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarers gifted to the family a few years ago. In any case (but hopefully it is of LBI origin) father and son both make the powerful point that sea and son demand see and sun(wear) when it comes to protecting our most precious eyes of the future.   
—James J. Spina

Are we allowed to dig back just a year and highlight our “KidzEYEz” July cover having fun in the blaring hot sun at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park? Eyes say… YUP… featuring TC Charton from Prologue and Wizards of Waverly Place from Revolution.