Polycore Optical USA offers SunClear Polarized lenses, a full line of quality polarized lenses in hard resin material. SunClear Polarized is available in 80mm plano 6 base and 8 base, semi-finished single vision, semi-finished flat top 28 and Futurise general-purpose progressive in both gray and brown. Polycore also provides true, consistent colors using their color control experience and expertise. In addition, SunClear semi-finished single-vision lenses have “ghost” markings to allow polarized axis verification and alignment after edging.
Merchandising materials include patient brochures and lens demonstrator.

PHILOSOPHY: “Polycore is already a world-wide leader in the manufacture of high-quality sun lenses and our Sun-Clear polarized line is no exception. From a practical standpoint, because sunwear generally receives more abuse than clear eyeglasses, it makes sense that all sun lenses should have scratch-resistant coatings. Our recent move to SunClear being an all scratch-resistant product line reflects our interest in wearer satisfaction not previously addressed by any other polarized lens manufacturer, ” says Greg Rook,VP of sales and marketing.
For more information, contact Polycore at (888) 645-7788; web site: www.polycore.com